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AMAZING photo by @a7mad_jasem Follow him for more cool images @a7mad_jasem by saaggo


Stars over the tree tops

(vía imiging)

All that is sunny does not glitter, not all those in the fog are lost. -Karlthefog ☁
This mystical image belongs to my Dutch friend and counterpart @vincentcroce with my little edit. Simply put, Vince is brilliant, and he captures his foggy homeland like no other. If you love fog and beautiful landscapes, look no further, Vince has got you covered. (; ✨
Cheers to the weekend, instaworld! 🍻🌎 by ravenreviews

It is the most expensive and complex ground-based astronomy project ever — what will it see tonight?


Intensificamos nuestra respuesta contra el brote de Ébola más letal de la historia

Aunque el número de casos en Guinea se ha reducido de manera importante, en las vecinas Sierra Leona y Liberia, más y más personas están siendo infectadas con el virus. Con los recursos ya bajo presión, las autoridades sanitarias y las organizaciones internacionales están luchando por poner el brote bajo control.

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Foto de Sylvain Cherkaoui/Cosmos - Dos trabajadores de MSF ayudan a bajar del vehículo a una paciente en en centro de tratamiento de Ébola de MSF en Kailahoun, Sierra Leona

photo by @danielkordan
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I didn’t expect wild Australian sea lions to be so handsome and animated - but, the ones at Seal Bay on Kangaroo Island are a beautiful colour with striking markings, and seemed happy to flop and flap about the beach.
Their rest area is within a conservation area, and with no big predators, they rest and snooze carefree anywhere they can find a sunny and sheltered spot.
Two nights is nowhere near enough to see #kangarooisland - I’m going to have to come back soon and spend a few more days.
Maybe we’ll do a drive from Tassie, take the car across on the @sealinkki ferry from Cape Jervis and continue exploring!

Huge thanks to @itsworthashot for the shooting tips on my #Nikon too - to get this close to the sea lions I had to try with the D5100 - and Matt taught me how to do it. Cheers mate!

#southaustralia #sealinkki #sealion by lovethywalrus

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“Tokyo to San Francisco in 83 seconds!”
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Mi lugar favorito de New York. by antoniogil_sose

Bicycle, Bicycle, Bicycle by Reodor Helt På Felgen

NASA astronaut Donald Pettit is arguably the guru of photography when it comes to making pictures from the International Space Station (ISS). TIME speaks with Pettit, who shares his insights into what astronauts face when they make pictures from the ISS, some of the mad-genius solutions he came up with during his time there, and his mind-bending thoughts on the implications of photographs taken in space. (Photo by Donald Pettit—@NASA) See the story on #SpaceWeek by time

Faro de Trafalgar, Barbate (Spain) || #trafalgar #barbate #spain #andalucia #cadiz #estaes_cadiz #estaes_andalucia ☀️☀️☀️ by travelingcolors

Eternity🚶🌲🍁 Istanbul💚 by kyrenian