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Disfruta de este vídeo Warriors - 2014 World Championship

Photo by @jonathankingston “…Yes, yes, they are very fine, but where did you see the whale?” - John Muir Travels in Alaska. By Muir’s last trip to Alaska in 1890, adventurous tourists had started to visit Glacier Bay in chartered steam ships from California. Researchers are still unsure why humpback whales breach, as there are most likely many reasons for this behavior. Whatever the reason, I will never grow tired of seeing these massive creatures hurl themselves into the air. #ngexpeditions #alaska #johnmuir #breach #whale #humpback #humpbackwhale by natgeocreative

Take a break along the millennium trail. #exploreyukon |Photo by @codybjorkandison by travelyukon

An amazing display of aurora shared with us via Facebook from Joe Dickson, Flickr user Burke Turkey. #exploreyukon by travelyukon

Chinese Delivery 🚖 by sweatengine

#LondonReviewed | The #SherlockHolmes pub on #NorthumberlandAvenue. A beautiful traditional English pub with traditional English dishes and a twist… The main attraction is a replica of Holmes’ and Watson’s sitting room and study, which relate to Sherlock Holmes and his exciting escapades. This room is given pride of place adjacent to the restaurant , where diners are able to view the whole area through a large glass partition, with additional viewing space through windows located in the hallway. The exhibition items have not changed since they were first installed in ‘57, and are now complemented by an interesting and nostalgic collection of television and film stills, featuring the famous actors who have played the Great Detective and his trusty sidekick, Watson, down the years. 😊✌️ #thisislondon by london

#Villaviciosa, capital manzanera de #España #Asturias #ParaisoNatural #Asturias_ig #Sidra

Falling Sky by Julicious Photography

A young boy dives in a creek near the Italian city of Portofino on Sept. 8, 2014. (Photograph by Olivier Morin—AFP/@GettyImages) See the full gallery of TIME’s pictures of the week on by time

#Asturias es tan grande que en cualquier rincón encuentras un tesoro como el Área Recreativa “La Pesanca” en Espinareu, Comarca del Sueve #ParaisoNatural

#Repost from @packers: Tomorrow at this time, it won’t be so quiet. #NYJvsGB #HomeOpener by nfl

Gato durmiendo en un hórreo #Espiraneu, Comarca del Sueve #Asturias #ParaisoNatural

Desde #Asturias, Comarca del Sueve #ParaisoNatural

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