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Mar Cantábrico en #Isla Subiendo la marea #CantabriaInfinita

Glaciar Serrano, Patagonia, Chile
📷 Photo by @jotacedp👏👏 ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••
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This happened 5 minutes ago out at #oakopenings. What are you waiting for? If you’re in#NWOhio you really do need to join the @igers_toledo to celebrate #419day. Check their page for a schedule of events throughout the day. #toledoohio #tfp419 by littlecoal

@thepublicimage by jasonmpeterson

İyi geceler/Good night👋😍

📷 Canon EOS 7D
🔭 17-85mm
🔬 Focal Lenght 24mm
🔧 1sec | f/11 | ISO100 | 🎨 Ps cs5
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back 👋 by kat_in_nyc

My Android wallpaper today is ‘Shipping on the Clyde’ by John Atkinson Grimshaw. #MuzeiFeaturedArt



TOMORROW!! #NBAPlayoffs by nba

Sunset at St Fillans by VisitScotland


In the midst of a modern European city, Madrid’s Temple of Debod is capable of taking you straight back to ancient Egypt.


A crown for a new king who couldn’t be stopped

He was shoved out. He could have dived. He could have taken the foul and slowed the game down. Instead, he stayed on his feet, knowing more than anyone that nothing could stop him. Gareth Bale stepped up, and now there are no doubts. Madrid will remember this one legendary run for years to come. [Art by Kendall Henderson. Words by Eric]